Attention iPad Owners! Your Tablet Does Far More than Just Play Angry Birds!

"Unlock All the Powerful Features of Your iPad with Step-by-Step, Beginner-Friendly Video Lessons that Will Turn You into a Tablet Pro in Just 10 Minutes a Day – Guaranteed!"

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Fully Updated For The Latest iOS6!

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iPad Video Tutorials explain how to :

Eliminate ALL Guesswork – No more searching Google for snippets of info and getting frustrated!

Take Your Time – Learn at your own pace – you can view the videos, anytime, anywhere and YES you can view them on your iPad too!

Go From Beginner To Pro – The video modules guide you through from a complete beginner to pro covering EVERY feature of the iPad!

Includes Free Updates – You get free updates and will have access to new videos posted so you can further your learning!

Contains Over 10 Modules – The entire course is spanned across 10 modules containing hundreds of bite-size videos which once you have completed will make you an expert with the iPad.

Have Fun! – You got the iPad to enjoy its features – it should not be stressful we will make it fun and you should enjoy learning!

See How To Use Each Feature Of The iPad - The Tablet Mastered video lessons span accross 10 modules and contain hundreds of bite-size videos showing you every feature of the iPad and how to use it!

One On One Support - If you still don't understand a feature of the iPad simply send me an email from the member's area and I will help you use the feature in question and EVEN make a video lesson just for you!

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Dear New iPad User:

You’ve invested a good chunk of cash in your new tablet.  And I know from experience that learning how to use this powerful new tool can be exciting.

There’s so much you can do with an iPad:

  • Browse the web: Check stocks, join discussions, post on Facebook and Twitter. All the interactive features you get from your desktop PC or laptop are all available on the slim, super-fast iPad.

  • Watch movies: All in crystal-clear, premium quality. Take your favorite flicks with you wherever you go!

  • Check and send email:  No more waiting till you get back home or back to the office to send those important messages.

  • Listen to music – Create and share your own interactive playlist, so your favorite tunes are always “on tap”.

  • Boost your productivity – Stay on track with reminders, appointment calendars, notifications and more...

What? You Mean You Don’t Know How to Do All Those Things?

You’re not alone.  In fact, Apple purposefully doesn’t include a user manual in the box with the iPad.  Their thinking is that it should be simple and straightforward enough to use without one.
And while that’s a great marketing gimmick – not everyone is a “gadget geek”.

So what about the rest of us?  For us, there’s:

Tablet Mastered


The Fastest-Growing Apple iPad
Video Tutorial Course on the Web!

In just 10 minutes a day
, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use apps for entertainment and productivity!  Play games (by yourself or with friends!), discover productivity and appointment apps – even set up your iPad to be a custom alarm clock!  There are thousands of apps – and these videos will show you how to find the ones that are perfect for you – whatever your needs!

  • Listen to or stream music to your stereo!  You can listen to music through your iPad and create your own custom playlist with all your favorite songs – or you can connect it to your stereo and enjoy crystal-clear sound and clarity!  It’s so easy once you see how it’s done!

  • Browse the web and visit all your favorite sites – You can use your iPad like a laptop that fits in your hand!  It’s easy to read the news online, check sports scores, get the weather forecast, trade stocks or any activity you normally do on your PC. 

  • Send and receive emails instantly – These videos show you how to set up an email program, import contacts and messages, and synchronize your iPad and your computer so you never miss a single message!

  • Participate on Facebook and Twitter – Just getting into this whole “social networking thing”?  The iPad makes it easy to connect to friends and family through popular sites like Twitter and Facebook.

  • Connect to the web from anywhere – With Wi-fi, you can use your iPad to browse the web, watch movies, download important files or check and send emails from anywhere with a Wi-fi connection.

  • Read, download and share books – Your iPad is also a fully-functional eReader! Learn how to download and lend books to others through the iBookstore app and turn your iPad into a virtual library.

  • Customize your iPad in a way that’s uniquely YOU!  Change the sounds and theme, enlarge the font or even make your iPad speak to you.  You’ll be amazed at all of the features at your fingertips!

“This Truly is the Instruction Manual
Apple Left Out of the Box!”

We received this message from Donald Wright on March 16th 2013 with his thoughts on the iPad lessons:



"Chris, I thought I would send you a quick email and say thank you for putting these iPad lessons together. I have been searching for ages to find a decent course that will guide me through all of the features the iPad has to offer.

I must admit I thought that I would have to keep on looking but would give tablet mastered a go since it has a guarantee!

I am impressed! Working my way through module 6 of the lessons and I have learnt so much in 3 days. Thanks again. Looks like I will be an iPad pro in no time."

Heidi, 47 UK




Special Offer Running For 7 Days ONLY... Just $197 $29.97 For FULL ACCESS And FREE Updates - Grab your spot now...

It’s Never Been Easier to Get Started!

Each course is broken down into 10 modules – and each video takes approximately 10 minutes to show you each lesson, step-by-step.
Whether you consider yourself an intermediate user who can download some apps, but really wants to delve deeper into unleashing the iPad’s true potential or you finally broke down and bought one at the urging of your kids and are now wondering “what the heck do I do with this thing?” – Tablet Mastered is your one-stop iPad training resource.


How About A FREE Preview Of One Of The Intro Videos From The Course?


Note: This is just a PREVIEW taken from the introduction module.

The full Tablet Mastered course contains HUNDREDS of step by step videos spanning accross 10 modules.

The videos will be larger inside the members area and you will be able to watch them full screen.

Every video in each module will give you step by step instructions and pointers along the way so ANYONE can get to grips with the iPad fast!


Course Contents:

The iPad video lessons span across ten modules that feature hundreds of bite size videos that will ensure you use your iPad to the fullest!

Module 1: Introduction - All About Your iPad.

Module 2: Browsing The Web - We Show You How To Browse The Web And Tips To Make It Easier And Faster.

Module 3: Email, Messages And More - We Show You How To Stay In Touch Wherever You Are!

Module 4: Reading On The iPad - Read All Your Favorite Books, Magazines And More With Your iPad.

Module 5: App Store And Must Have Apps - We Explain How To Download, Use And Search For Apps.

Module 6: Music & Radio - We Show You How To Turn Your iPad Into A Music Station.

Module 7: Photos & Videos - We Show You How To Store And Edit Photos And Videos On Your iPad.

Module 8: Synching - Backup All Your iPad Content To Your Computer With Ease.

Module 9: Maps - We Show You How To Use Maps And Even Turn Your iPad Into A Sat Nav!

Module 10 - Productivity - Now You Know How To Use Your iPad We Show You To Increase Your Productivity!

+ Lots' More...


iOS6 Training & Changes

iCloud Training

Quick Start Guide

Setting Up A Network

Out & About Wi-Fi

Increase Battery Life

Fast Charge Tips

Personalization Of Your iPad

iPad 4 Training

+ More...

How Much Does it Cost?

If you’ve watched TV recently, you’ve probably seen those “iPad training courses” that cost upwards of $2,000 or more.  And they’ll keep trying to sell you more courses and more courses… and they don’t even cover half of what you’ll learn with Tablet Mastered!

What’s more, Tablet Mastered lets you go at your own pace – so you can learn on your schedule. 
With video training this comprehensive and beginner-friendly, I set the course price at a very modest $29.97 for complete access to everything.

However, I know that many of our viewers are older, retired or nearing retirement, and money can be tight.  So for a very limited time, I’m making the entire course available to you for just:




No, that’s not a misprint. But it is only in effect for the next 7 days.  I wanted to reward people who visit this page and take action quickly.  They know that they’re struggling and frustrated with their iPads and want help.

Does this sound like you?

If so, I urge you to sign up now and lock in this low, one-time price. You’ll get full access to the entire course, and because you can start at any time, there’s absolutely no rush to plow through the course to try and “get your money’s worth”.


Special Offer Running For 7 Days ONLY... Just $197 $29.97 For FULL ACCESS And FREE Updates - Grab your spot now...


Act Now and Get These 2 Bonuses Absolutely FREE!

I want you to know that you’re taking the first step in the right direction toward learning how to unlock the true potential of your iPad. That’s why I’d like to offer you two FREE bonuses as my way of saying thank you – and giving you the tools you need to succeed.

Bonus #1

Unlimited One-on-One Support


You can email me, Chris, any time of the day or night with your iPad questions.  I learned step-by-step how to use my iPad – just like you, so I know that sometimes things don’t work according to plan.  When you order, you’ll get my private, personal email address that you can contact anytime with your questions.


Bonus #2

Top Apps Report

Once you learn how to browse and download apps, a whole new world of choices opens up to you.  There are literally THOUSANDS of apps – but which ones are worth your time, and which ones are just junk?  The top apps report reveals apps that are tested, proven and ready to perform – in a wide range of categories.  From pure entertainment to to-do lists and task managers, you’ll find the best of everything in one place.



Special Offer Running For 7 Days ONLY... Just $197 $29.97 For FULL ACCESS And FREE Updates - Grab your spot now...




"I have just purchased Tablet Mastered and watching the intro module videos. This is exactly what I needed! I have tried a few books on the iPad and while I did learn a lot, putting what I had learnt into practice was another thing entirely!

I have only watched a few videos in the intro module but in the space of 40 minutes I have learnt more than the entire time I have had my iPad.

I may have a few more questions but the course looks great.

Thanks Chris!"

Peter Duncan,






"Got the iPad as a Christmas present and I still am trying to work out how to use it. Thought your course would help with that and am happy to say I am making progress.

There is a huge amount of info in the videos but sat down with a coffee working through it now and it looks fantastic.

Thanks from a "technophobe" Grandma!"

Sarah Barker, 58




Still Not Sure?  Try The Whole Course Risk Free for 60 Days!


Maybe you’re wondering, do I really need an iPad course?  After all, it can’t be that hard to learn…can it?  The truth is, the iPad has positioned itself to be simple to use, but that doesn’t mean you’re using it to the fullest.

You don’t even have to decide right now.  Simply click below to order the course and get instant access to all the videos.  Watch a few, try out what you’ve learned, and judge the quality for yourself.

Do this for two whole months and risk absolutely nothing!  I want to make sure you’re completely delighted with what you get.

And if at any time, you decide you’d rather not continue – simply let me know (my personal email is available inside the member’s area at all times) within the first 60 days and I’ll give you a prompt, courteous refund – no questions asked.

Remember – there’s no rush. You can complete the course weeks from now if you’d like.

And as a member you’ll get lifetime updates absolutely free forever.  That means you’ll be the first to know how to use iOS 6 and other iPad system releases to the fullest!  Never be left behind in your training!

Start today and be well on your way to becoming a “Tablet Master” in no time!


Special Offer Running For 7 Days ONLY... Just $197 $29.97 For FULL ACCESS And FREE Updates - Grab your spot now...


See you on the inside!
Chris Jones

P.S Don't forget the $47 price is limited and will end soon! Get access now and start using your Ipad like a pro!

P.S.S The entire iPad video course is backed by a 60 day money back guarantee - if for any reason you are not satisfied simply let me know through the support link in the members area and I will refund your FULL purchase price - no questions asked!


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